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Procureit are pleased to offer the JEPSON Premium Super Dry Cutter 9435 including blade for AUD$759.00 each + GST

Premium Super Dry Cutter 9435

Technical Characteristics Cutting Capacity
Power Input:
Net weight:
Max. capacities at 90°:
Miter cut:
Carbide tipped saw blade:
2.200 W
1.300 rpm
25 kg
140 ( 125 stainless)
90°- 75°- 60°- 45°
patented quick release vice
355/90T included

140 mm
(125mm inox)
125 x 125 mm
105 x 200mm

110 mm

85x 85mm
85 x 115mm

Product Range

Premium Super Dry Cutter 9435
including saw blade 355x2.2x25.4/90T INOX

Technological advance of JEPSON saw blades

A new series of high-speed circular cold saws

The circular saw is the most commonly used machine employed in processing metal and other materials. The reason for this lies in the fact that the metal circular saw is very com pact in construction, uses an inexpensive saw blade, which can be resharpened, and is very simple to operate on account of the relatively low cutting speed. These obvious benefits-and their wide application-speak for the use of circlular saws but their disadvantages cannot be denied.

These machines normally operated with HSS saw blades, which can only be used at very low cutting speeds on materials, which are difficult to cut. in addition these saw blades always require a cooling lubricant. Cooling lubricant not only causes problems relating to the disposal of chips, but there are also the questions of its preparation and disposal. The application of the cooling lubricants is particularly problematic in case of high requirements for subsection welding of the parts. The demands can generally be fulfilled only if the parts to be welded are washed after cutting. The additional step not only vreates additional cost, but it is also problematic from the ecological point of view.

More than 15 years ago, carbide tipped circular cold saw blades were developed and successfully used for cutting steel in the industry. The circular cold saw operates with thin cuts, using carbide tipped saw blades (1.8/2.2mm cutting width) with a diameter of 355mm.

With a cutting velocity of 1400RPM, this saw can dry-cut steel pipes, high grade steel, stainless steel pipes,profiles, angle bar, U and double-T profiles, SML pipes, plastic encased pipes and other steel profiles. When cutting with the Premium Super Dry Cutter the problem of the disposal of the oil-soaked chips and the coolant no longer exists.

Prices exclude GST and freight.

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