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PhyMetrix Portable Moisture Analyzer Model PPMa. This unit is the smallest, lightest and most accurate moisture analyzer, ideal for Oil and Gas Industries including LNG.

PPMa PPMa Features

●  -110°C to +20°C dewpoint Sensor
● Fast, Accurate and Repeatable
● Built-in temperature compensation
● State-of-the-art electronics & software
● Advanced User-friendly Interface
● Small & Lightweight
● Graphical display
● Programmable data logging
● Battery backed clock calendar
● 1/8" Swagelok® compression fittings
● 316 Stainless Steel & PTFE wetted parts
● Built-in Sensor desiccant store for rapid results
● optional 4/20 mA output
● NIST calibrations
● Virtual Analyzer PC training & demo software

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