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ExStink and Vomit Control

Procureit are pleased to offer 2 sensational Australian produced products for those smelly problems in hotels, bars, pubs, government institutions, nursing homes etc

ExStink is a powerful, 100% natural, environment friendly, long-lasting crystalline mineral mined in the Australia. This mineral absorbs most major odors cause by: Cat Urine, Faeces, Fish, Formaldehyde, Garbage, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mildew, Pet Urine, Urine, Vomit, Smoke, Bacterial Decomposition, and more! ExStink is non-toxic and environmentally safe, so it will not harm your pets, children or infants.

Usage requirements:

POWDER (1) Carpet (33 sqm.) 400gm. (2) Mattresses & Sofas 200gm. (3) Pillows & Cushions 100gm. (4) Litter Trays/Pet Areas/Nappy Pails 100gm.

SACKS (1) All Rooms (up to 100sqm.) 400gm. (2) Musty Basements/Smoking rooms . . . . 400gm. (3) Autos/Buses/Vans/RVs/Boats 400gm. (4) Lockers/Suitcases/Hampers/Closets 200gm. (5) Refrigerators/Freezers/Pantries 200gm. (6) Shoes/Boots/Socks/Clothing 100gm


PRICING:“ExStink” 200g Plastic Sprinkle Packs packaged 48 per carton AU$175.00/ctn + GST. “ExStink” 200g Calico Sachets packaged 24 per carton. AU$70.00/ctn + GST. “Vomit Control” 150g Plastic Sachets pacakged 50 per carton AU$105.00/ctn + GST

ExStink odour control power is a totally natural, non toxic, crystalline mineral which effectively adsorbs a wide range of odors - including and not limited to bacterial decomposition, wet fur, animal waste, decaying and rotting matter, vomit, urine, faeces and more. ExStink may be sprinkled liberally in your pet's litter tray and around the feeding and sleeping areas, especially on carpets and blankets to remove odours from animal urine, faeces and vomit. ExStink can also be applied directly to the coat of any animal with safety. ExStink can be used in kennels, cat litter boxes, stables, pigpens, locker rooms, homes, children's play area, bathrooms, hen houses and livestock stalls. Literally any place there are unpleasant smells. ExStink is ideal for getting rid bad smells in stinky rooms, cars, carpets, floors, concrete, refrigerators, freezers, fire place, walls, food areas, hospitals, pet areas, chicken hatches, sheds and many more places that might have had fire damage or unpleasant odours present. ExStink can also be applied to such applications as meat and fish processing plants and industries where odour control is necessary or highly desirable. ExStink is available in powder or pellet form in a variety of different sized packages. ExStink can be placed in a dish and left in affected rooms to remove odors however, for a faster result, sprinkle directly on source of odor. ExStink when added to your aquarium will reduce the amonia and help lower nitrate levels making it a better living environment for your fish. It will also promote healthier plant growth if the correct lighting is used on your fish tank. ExStink also promotes better plant growth by improving the value of fertilizer. This is done by trapping valuable nutrients and slowly releasing them when and as the plant needs them. It improves the cation exchange capacity of soil and potting medium, therefore resulting in less fertilizer being required.

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