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Procureit can supply you with the correct propeller to suit your boat or marine vessel. We can advise you on selection for all types of propellers including outboard, aluminium, stainless, composite plastic, sterndrive and inboard. Procureit can supply your mercury propeller, omc propeller, johnson propeller, evinrude propeller, yamaha propeller, suzuki propeller, tohatsu propeller, honda propeller, and volvo penta propeller, most sizes available in both aluminium and stainless steel.

Aluminum Propeller Series

The state of art squeeze casting gives finer grain size and almost non-porosity which makes the aluminum propeller much stronger and easier to be repaired.  

Squeeze Casting

Die Casting

Squeeze Casting

  Die Casting

1)The Alcup series is designed with an innovative interchangeable bush system.

ALCUP assembly

‧The universal blade design and interchangeable bush can lower the stock and maintenance cost.

‧No more rubber slipping problem!

‧DIY Rebushing.

Aluminium Popeller

‧Computer designed progressive pitch blade geometry.

‧Larger exhaust increases engine horse power by 5%-10%.

Aluminium props


Stainless Steel Propeller Series

The new generation of the stainless steel propeller is made with ultra durable material.  Unlike the traditional material, the new material is a true Stainless Steel.  It resists corrosion and is long wearing. Offered in three different series to meet different requirements.

Stainless steel propeller  


(1)The Saturn is a general purpose propeller series.

When looking for a durable and better efficiency propeller to replace your aluminum propeller, the Saturn series propeller is an ideal choice.


(2)The New Saturn is a good all-around performance propeller series.

With their larger blade area and moderate cupping, the New Saturn propeller can operate in wide variety of loading conditions and still offer very good acceleration and top end performance.

New Saturn



Bravo 2

(3)The Titan is designed to handle high power applications.

Titan propeller is designed with a high camber blade section and large blade area to provide better load carrying and fuel efficiency for the high power marine engine.

The newly developed MF Titan series propeller is specially designed to match the Bravo Two driving system. With its excellent efficiency and performance makes the new MF Titan series the best choice for the sport fishing application.

(4)The High Rake Series is specially designed for high speed planing hulls.

The three Blade High Rake series is very suitable for high speed planing hulls such as Ski Boat and Bass Boat. High rake blade design delivers outstanding acceleration and notable bow lift. Extra cupping ensures handling performance. 

HR Titan


HR Titan 4

(5)The Torquemaster has a well balanced performance.

The Four Blade Torquemaster series has an exceptionally good  handling capability, which is very suitable for offshore applications. With this propeller you can enjoy a nice and easy life. 

Your urgent propeller requests can be airfreighted and on your doorstep in 2 - 3 days * and stock orders can be consigned seafreight at competitve rates.

For price and availability of your requirements please email Procureit today with full details and specifications so we can quote you on the correct propeller for your 'pride and joy'.

Procureit Australia Pty Ltd
ABN: 80 106 789 342
PO Box 249
Geebung Qld, AUSTRALIA
Ph + 617 3889 9525
Fax + 617 3889 9115

Email sales@procureit.com.au

* 2-3 working days to approved customers providing the item is available in the Brisbane metropolitan area on the day of order and subject to transport.
All brand names and logos depicted are property of their respective trademark owners.