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Procureit are pleased to offer the Prochoice range of safety gear.Procureit is able to meet your requirements for respirators, sun protection, protective eyewear, hard hats, clothing, gloves, hazard tapes, back belts and vests. Listed below is just some of the range. Minimum quantities apply.

Hard Hats & Accessories

Procureit is able to supply both vented hard hats and unvented hard hats in white, yellow, red, blue, green, orange and fluoro yellow, they feature a 6 point harness, are lightweight and come with a cotton sweatband to prevent perspiration build-up. These Hard Hats have an extended peak for added protection and an edge gutter to catch and deflect rain. Quantityy per carton is 20 pieces. Also available is the Detachable hard hat brim made from durable cotton. These offer excellent sun protection with neck flap and are available in white navy blue and green and sold in cartons of 12 pieces. Also available cowboy hard hats!


Protective Eyewear

Procureit offer the ProChoice range of eyewear which is econd to none. All the below eyewear comply with AS/NZS 1337:Lic 2144. This eyewear is packaged in boxes of 12 pair and cartons of 144 pair.

3000 Visitors Clear 4600 Prima Clear 6700 Breeze
8600 Phoenix Clear 9000 Futura Clear 4900 Supa-Vu Clear Goggles

Disposable Respirators

Procureit are pleased to offer the ProChoice customised range of disposable, industrial quality respirators which are designed and manufactured with comfort and Australia conditions in mind.The ProChoice range consists of flat-fold, moulded and Premium Pro-mesh disposable respirators. Products are colour coded to easily identify the correct model for specific uses. All ProChoice dust masks meet AS/NZS 1716:Lic1508 requirements.

PC101 Non toxic dust mask PC301 Respirator P1
PC321 Respirator P2 with valve PC531 Respirator P2 with valve and actie carbon filter

Hand Protection

Procureit is proud to supply ProChoice which is recognised as Australia's leading supplier of industrial gloves since 1992.

Disposable Gloves

DVN/DVB Blue or clear vinyl gloves MDL Examination Natural Latex gloves MDN Examination Nitrile gloves

Cotton Gloves

342DG Knitted Poly / Cotton 342CL Interlock Poly / Cotton Liner
342KPD Knitted Poly / Cotton Glove 342LAT Knitted Poly / Cotton Glove with Red latex coating

Leather Gloves - General Purpose

417PB Candy Stripr 7407 Grey Leather 940GY Yellow Grey Leather
R88FG Green & Grey Stripe R99KG Green Leather  


Rigger Gloves

803C Rigger Glove
CGL41A Rigger Glove
CGL41VS Rigger Glove

PVC Gloves

PVC27 PVC45 Red Glove PVC27KW Knitted wrist

Latex Gloves

GG105 Latex Glass Gripper Glove GL Green Latex Glove Yellow or Blue Silver lined glove

Nitrile Gloves

NBR Super-lite Yellow NBRFB Super-Gueard Blue NNF Lite-Grip Gloves

Chemical Resistant Gloves

RNF15 Nitrile Chemical Glove RNU22 Nitrile Chemical Glove

Welding Gloves

BGW16 Black & Gold Glove GW16 Green & Gold Glove BRW16E Hot Shot Kevlar Glove
KBW16E Blue & Gold Kevlar Glove TIGW12 Tig Welders Glove  

Disposable Coveralls

DOB Disposable Coveralls Blue DOWP PROVEK Disposable Coveralls

Rain Gear

RC Yellow PVC Rain Coat RJ Yellow PVC Rain Jacket

Welding Gear

WA96 Welders Apron WC Welders Cap WS Welders Sleeves
WJ Welders Jacket WSV Welders Leather Spats  

Safety Vests

SVO-NT Fkuoro Orange Safety Vest SVY-AS Flouro Yellow H Back Safety Vest
SVO-AS Fluoro Orange H Back Safety Vest SVR-VR Fluoro Orange VIV Safety Vest


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Ph + 617 3889 9525
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Email sales@procureit.com.au

* 2-3 working days to approved customers providing the item is available in the Brisbane metropolitan area on the day of order and subject to transport.
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