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14" cut off saw # MC14/2001

$172.50 each + GST

BS5012W Bandsaw

$507.00 each + GST

BS5018W Bandsaw

$1620.00 each + GST

Chain Block 1000kg x 3metre lift # LC3013

$84.00 each + GST

Chain Block 2000kg x 3metre lit # LC3023

$110.00 each + GST

Chain block 1000kg x 6metre lift # LC3116

$110.00 each + GST

Chain block 2000kg x 6metre lift # LC3126

$156.00 each + GST


10" Slide compound Mitre saw # SC799

complete with laser guide

$208.00 ea + GST

Jump Start VP8940

$168.00 each + GST

Oxy / Acetylene kits OXKA1

$298.00 each + GST

10 Tonne porta power PPOW100

$225.00 each

4 Tonne porta power PPOW4

$158.00 each

Swivel Base Hydraulic cranes

450kg CRSC1T $238.00 each

900kg CRSC2T $268.00 each



# VP827TC2 Semi Automatic Tyre Changer

Handles tyres up to 965mm diamter x 330mm wide, includes storage box, an inflation system, air pressure regulator/gauge, and air tank. For rims up to 330mm wide, 508mm diameter, turntable rotation torque 795LBS. Bead breaker with 2500kg force, rim diameter 254-457mm. Internal rocking rim dimensions 304-508mm, motor 240v, single phase 1740rpm, Working pressure 110psi Item size 1149mmL x 749mmW x 979mmH

AU$2050.00 ea + GST

Fork Lift Attachment for Ute

Capacities to suit 1 ton ute/truck capacity 600kg, to suit 2 ton ute/truck capacity 1000kg

Swings 180deg, operated by 6000kg, 12v Hoist, the unit has a pair of forks like a conventional forklift. It has a socket which transforms the device into a crane lifting device. It also has a platform attachment which is easily fixed onto the forks. THIS UNIT IS A ONE MAN LIFTING AND LOADING DEVICE.

It is easy to operate with little effort required. Ideal for lifting awkward products such as water tanls, spas, white goods etc

AU$1990.00 ea + GST

add crane attachment for extra $149+ or steel forklift platform $190+


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PO Box 249
Geebung Qld, AUSTRALIA
Ph + 617 3314 2808
Fax + 617 3314 2321

Email sales@procureit.com.au

* 2-3 working days to approved customers providing the item is available in the Brisbane metropolitan area on the day of order and subject to transport.
All brand names and logos depicted are property of their respective trademark owners.