Bahco Professional Pneumatic Vineyard / Orchard Secateur

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  • The ideal tool for work groups and large farms
  • The Bahco Pneumatic Secateur 9210 is for use in vineyards and all kinds of orchards including olive, nut and coffee plantations
  • It has a cutting capacity of 30mm and its unique cutting head produces a slicing cut
  • The blade enters very fast into the wood which means that the user doesn’t have to push against the tool when pruning
  • Bahco Pneumatic Secateur reduces the workload and the risk of strain related injuries


  • Made in Italy
  • Professional type
  • Bahco quality
  • Powerful but light tool designed for pruning all kinds of fruit trees and for landscaping work
  • Working pressure needed at the compressor 10 bar (1000kPA) or 145 PSI
  • Air consumption of the secateur 80 l/min or 2.85 CFM


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