ATEX Zone Airconditioner

Procureit introduces ATEX Zone 1 air conditioners are made to safely ensure a comfortable climate in an area where a release of gas, vapor or mist could cause a hazardous area classified as zone 1. These air conditioners are designed with the harsh marine, offshore and coastal conditions of tropical countries in mind: they are corrosion resistant, durable and suitable for ambient temperatures up to 55 °C. By integrating an additional heat exchanger and water pump, the units can be delivered as a water chiller for process cooling purposes. The optional 4-way valve upgrades the air conditioner or water chiller to an actual heat pump, also capable of heating.

The controls of the air conditioner are all housed in a maintenance-free flameproof housing. The unit can be operated by means of the switches and push buttons on the outside of this housing. A 3.8” graphical color display gives feedback to the operator on the actual temperatures, the status of the system and provides troubleshooting information.

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